A Walk Along A River

A little shiver and the feeling of goosebumps made me come out of my thoughts. It was just another cool summer evening, as I found myself by the riverside. I hadn’t realized how I reached there, although it is not unusual for me to do so. I love taking my evening strolls on the riverside. Sudden gush of the wind, brought with it the familiar smell of pakoras and chai, and made my hair feel smooth and refreshed. No matter how tensed, how sad or how depressed one maybe, the sound of the river flow, never fails to set things in proportion. For me, it is a source of inspiration. It taught me to be strong, to not give up, to be calm on the surface irrespective of the turbulence I felt within. It taught me, more than anything else, to keep moving, to find a path and lead on. My grandmother always said, if nature surrounds you, you can never feel dejected. There is a lesson hidden within every aspect of nature.

I could hear the sound of evening prayers and chants sung in unison on the other side of the river. It wasn’t much crowded here, on this side, just few strollers like me, fascinated by this majestic power of river. Most of the shops had closed by now. It was beginning to get a little dark. I could see streetlights being lit up ahead. As I walked on, I saw few shopkeepers on the verge of closing their shops, content after finishing their daily calculations. I heard a voice of an ice-cream guy, walking around in the hope of attracting few more customers before returning home. You could see light coming out of a couple of houses, with their curtains fluttering rhythmically to portray life within. In the sky above, were flocks of birds, returning home, satisfied and tired. Now walking for an hour or maybe more, I sat down by the river, watching my legs, moving about in randomness in the water. I watched the ripples being created due to the movement of my feet and my eyes followed their flow till they disappeared again. I love this spot! I come here, sit, breathe in the cool air, feel it all over my face, and wait, like today, to see the river change its colors as the sun begins to set till its dark and twilight.