Would it be better?

Would it be better
If there were no words


No words to explain
No words to justify
No words to coverup
No words to lie


If only actions could be used
You would truly have to try
And make an honest effort
To make something “mine”


Would the world have been a better place then?
Or would we have found a new way to make us cry?


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Hi! @anotherbrokenshoe. Hope you are safe and sound. Let me start by thanking you first for stopping by my blog post and liking it. That’s how I happen to come across yours and I really liked your poems. Your poem titled WORDS, caught my attention because the theme and idea of the poem coincidentally resembles with my thought that I have penned down this morning. Isn’t it amazing! Do visit my blog if you wish to check out the resemblance of your poem with my thought.

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