When I wasn’t yours

Under this yellow tint, let me relive it once

Let’s turn back time, only for awhile
Back to reality of when I wasn’t yours
Those softer touchs, that focused attention
When no hints or signs were missed
When neither promises nor sorry persisted
Under this yellow tint, let me relive it once


Ah! You left no stone unturned
Letting go of your work and prior fun
Using every trick in your basket
All to make even just my one day better


Golden days turned in the calendar
You showed no signs of regret, only laughter
And all the choices made and movies watched
Were caught chances to come and know me all


Ah! So many beautiful memories
These simple realities of you and me
I wish I could grasp them and cage it
Like them fireflies, dancing and glowing


But time is time and it can’t be contained
So I am letting these memories only fly away
Because if I don’t remember these times
The time when I wasn’t yet yours to showcase
It won’t hurt so much then, these differed desires
Different from my sunken hopes of lost time of ours


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