My Everything

To have that one place in her heart
Knowing that there’s no apart


It all began, with a long talk,
Then a visit, and a walk,
With a flower, near a lake so blue,
Couldn’t believe my life was true


So pretty she was, but with a hint of sad,
Thoughts and struggles inside her she had,
Gave all of me to make her smile,
Rode on for that extra mile


Slowly she blossomed, leaving behind her fear,
She seemed happy, she became near,
My tunneling days without any light,
She ended them, made them bright


Every morning brings me her voice,
Which makes my day, makes me rejoice,
To have that one place in her heart,
Knowing that there’s no apart


Restlessness, catches up with me,
When her voice I don’t hear, when her smile I don’t see,
For I am only void of worries, I am free,
When she is standing next to me


She hates the endings, but we have no end,
Many roads to drive on and many turns to bend,
A constant she is, beside the driver’s seat,
Ensuring the driver has enough paneer to eat 🙂
I love her and she loves me,
Just like we were meant to be..

This is a guest post that I felt compelled to share, originally written by seventhheaven (not the real name, just in case 😉 ). I hope you like it.


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