Over Again

I wanted you to know… 

I wanted you to know

What lies beneath the surface, 

What drives me and dulls me, 

What keeps me awake


I wanted you to know

What counterbalances my thoughts, 

What makes me do what I do, 

When there is no one to watch


I wanted you to know

Every part of my soul, 

The smooth and the rough scars, 

The blanket under which I unfold


More I did,  the worse we became, 

Instead of clarity, it only brought us pain, 

Repetition and circles and nothing to gain, 

We come back to the same thing all over again


Sorry for writing after so long… Hoping to come back to action mode with this. Waiting to hear your views. 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Over Again

  1. A m a z I n G !!
    This is seriously dynamic and at some point of time, it strikes you real hard, for truth, no matter how well sugar-coated, is bitter forever!

    Liked by 1 person

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