Oh!  This Secret Heart! 

But Oh! This Secret Heart!

Comes alive at night,

I go busily through the day,

Doing some things I ought to,

And some that shouldn’t have stayed,

I try to excel in everything I do,

And be happy with all that I choose,

But Oh! This Secret Heart!

Comes alive at night,

And haunt my sleeps,

With beautiful dreams, and despite

My efforts to bid it good-bye,

It comes alive again, the very next night!


Every morning I wake up, 

And scold my heart, ask to give up, 

I seem to succeed in this quarrel, 

And off I go to make this day better, 

But just when I am content with what I have got, 

Oh! This secret Heart!

Burns with foolish desires, tearing me apart, 

It doesn’t care about the future nor the pain, 

It only shows me wild dreams like a movie or a game, 

I am always in a fight with its ways, 

But in the end, it comes back again! 


7 thoughts on “Oh!  This Secret Heart! 

  1. This was fun to read! Your heroine’s heart is like a mischievous child and I like how you have described the agony of the sleepless nights in a playful manner. By using the word secret, you have hinted that this side of the heart is usually hidden away in adults.

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