I wish you had given me some ray of hope,

I am not even hanging by a thread, it’s a free fall,

Everything is bubbling up inside me,

Can’t hold on for much longer, need a way out of this misery,

What to think when our worst fears are pushing us down?

Being numb is not an available option around,

It is greater than anything I can handle, what now?


I wish you had given me some ray of hope,

I am not even hanging by a thread, it’s a free fall,

What to do when we know it is futile to even try?

I am just looking at you becoming distant as seconds go by,

Not resisting, I am finally closing my eyes…


12 thoughts on “Freefall

    1. This might be your first comment on my blog, apart from notifying me that you shared my post. 🙂 it is always good to know that someone else can relate to my poems. I wish you good luck.


      1. I am very good normally at going through my followers daily and that typically hurts me as far as comments. I have been cutting myself some slack and taking more time. Hence a comment:) Thank you.

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      2. You’re welcome. I am trying to do more but I am not having the best of times. Putting it mildly.But I am trying:)

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      3. Well you know I am pretty much always right there when you post and I do not have email notifications on this site for some reason, I go through my followers and friends daily:)

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  1. No free fall without a bungee. You are too good for any less. You have a lot more miles and ability than I feel that I do and you will get to a promised land. When you do cherish it because it sometimes comes and goes quickly and then we are subject to dealing with or settling. It can hurt those we are with but a major love and a lot of love can be big steps away my dear friend.

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