Nightmares and Fairy Tales

 Courage extinguishing with each night ritual,
Reality and Nightmares become indistinguishable…

Caged in a high tower cell,
no one around, only darkness,
Shadows dancing, fear is building up,
Courage extinguishing with each night ritual,
Reality and Nightmares become indistinguishable…
But you are like my star crossed angel,
As if a page from a fairy-tale I had once heard of,
My scars are visible but they don’t seem to scare you,
Suddenly I can see myself building a ladder and my way through,
Borrowing strength, I can’t wait to reach you…

Sometimes you need someone to remind you of who you were before darkness engulfed you.. Someone to lend a hand and lead you out of the cage you accepted…Someone to remind you of Fairy tales when nightmares had becomes your new friend…A Prince for the Princess you are…


6 thoughts on “Nightmares and Fairy Tales

  1. This is your best one yet. Started with a dark forst stanza then turned it around. Well done. THis was really good. I think you went out of your comfort zone (or at least you usual type of write) and you excelled. I hope it doesn’t bother you that I tweeted this. Have a Happy Easter.

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    1. Thank you!!!I have been waiting to read your comment. Yes, I worked on this one for a long time. I wanted to write something different while not letting go of my usual way to express as well. I am so happy to know that you agreed and in fact found it worthy enough to tweet.

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      1. This is your best. The weekends are very difficult for me, so it takes some time to get to weekend posts. Wow, I loved this. Was it difficulu to write. My writing instincts always push me to rhyme and at times I find it so difficult to break those chains. This poem started in one direction then veered in another. Great work.

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