Missing Girl

I go back to pictures I have of her,
But they don’t talk back to me…
They only remind me of good old times,
Only brings tears that I feel on my cheeks.

Where has that girl gone?
The girl I knew so well before,
I need some advice from her tonight,
But she left and lost and can’t be found
It’s been a while since I last felt her presence,
She used to be my guide…
Now it’s just a gap, only emptiness,
Just like how I feel inside!

I used to run to her for all my troubles,
She used to be my north star in disguise,
She was the captain of my boat,
My sole companion in the sea called life.

I search and search but only to find,
She has long left the place she called home,
No one can now guide me to her,
I have lost her completely of that I am sure.

I go back to pictures I have of her,
But they don’t talk back to me…
They only remind me of good old times,
Only brings tears that I feel on my cheeks.

She used to be the closest thing I had,

Someone I could call mine,
Now I see a glimpse of her in my reflection,
But she is no longer residing inside

Remembering the person I used to be…


17 thoughts on “Missing Girl

  1. The sea of life is as untamed as the mass of humanity. We are less a part of them all the time, converting ourselves into islands, which so many many of us try to build into fortresses and defenses upon which to prevent invasion.

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      1. Ok. Sorry. You’re welcome. I met this guy Juan yesterday just walking around town after drinking a Corona beer at the town’s best resaurant. Juan had his tunes blaring out of the garage, in Spanish. He’s latino, anyway, and I just stopped and started talking. It was so rad! Nobody in this town turns their music out into the streets–well, except Juan! Now I know there’s one who does. Yea, says, people need to be “alegre,” which is kinda hard to translate into English, but basically means “upbeat.” ‘Course, if you ask Google, it’ll probably say, “happy,” that world will never quite fit the vernacular. Anyway, good conversation, nice guy, good Latin vibe in my town, finally! And I like him. I think we’re friends now. I finally have another friend in this town. That makes 2. I’m annoying, I know. I’ll probably write you in Spanish again, because I love the language, I love the music, I love Ave Maria by David Bisbal, etc. etc. etc. And of course, I lived in Latin America for 8 years. So, yea, it’s also in my genes, I suppose…Anyway, I’m very annoying, and I know it. Probably the reason I’ve ended up in jails and hospitals so many times! You’re alright, though, at least in my book, but it’s not the one that counts, anyway, but if it were, I’d still say, you’re alright.

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  2. Good things are always short-lived . So are we at our best. When we change, we know why we did, but a part of us always misses being that. Nice story behind this poem. But I expected little less of detailed storytelling and a bit more elaboration of feelings in your poem, because you have been very good at that. Anyway, good one.

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    1. Thank you for the comment 🙂 . I am trying to write differently in some way or another. Trying to learn more through reactions and comments. So thank you for commenting honestly. I will try to write better next time 🙂

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