The Moon and The Girl

The moon looks lonely tonight,
Perhaps it wasn’t in the mood to shine,
But down on earth, to its utter delight,
It found a girl more lonesome, declined.

In the dark, clear, starless night,
She looked up at the moon in sight,
Alone just like her, yet shining bright,
She knew she could get through this chilly wintery night.

I was just pondering over perception and different view points while staring at the sky. You never know what you mean to someone else or how you might be the one they were basing their strength on. I tried to capture two view points in this poem. Hope you enjoy reading it.


14 thoughts on “The Moon and The Girl

  1. I talked to the moon on occasion. I don’t know why. I thought he was listening to me better than anyone else, I guess. I was in a town called Espinar, Peru, a mining area for copper, living in a reformed old bakery turned into a makeshift church (I was one of those Men in Black, I mean, Mormon missionaries–that’s what New York kids called me, anyway. I had no idea what they were talkin about.). I left our room and looked at the moon so bright. I went up the stairs to the roof to get a closer sight. Long and hard I looked and talked, then foolish I felt, because I wondered who was listening…but now, I don’t care. If he listens there, I’ll talk all the more to get his ear.


    1. Daniel, don’t let anyone that never mattered, stop you from doing what makes you happy. Sometimes all we want to do is send things to the void, we don’t really need a reply. Just letting things out. Everyone has their own way of doing that, for you, it was the Moon, don’t lose that. I am touched that you shared your story with me and my words helped you in some way.


      1. All the same, may I ask you a question? I just like asking questions. I don’t know what it is about me. I think the questions form in the marrow of my bones and then start coursing through my body and start vibrating louder and louder throughout my body until I get them out. Most people are annoyed by them, but I guess I don’t care too much…Anyway, what, uh, what inspires your hope? I notice in the poem that it is a poem that inspires hope. I just get curious about this subject of hope. You don’t have to answer. Never mind, if you don’t want to answer. I just am a curious person. I can’t help myself. The questions bounce out of my mouth whether I want them to or not. Just put up your shield if you need to. You don’t need to listen to what I have to say.

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      2. Yes. Sure, Daniel. Questions don’t bother me. Don’t worry. Umm, whether I am a good candidate to answer them, is a separate issue ;). Hope,.. I don’t have just one thing that brings back hope. It varies depending on my mood. Some times being near loved ones, sometimes a movie. I like finding strength through quotes as well. One that I remember right now is,
        “Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
        I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
        – Sarah Williams

        Hope this helps.

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      3. Thanks for that. Seems night needs to be a barrier to so many things, but I like your attitude. It isn’t. Stars sing their song only because the night gives them a background on which to do so. Thanks for your thoughts. I just had my talk with the moon. First time in a long time. It was just the right height in the sky right now. I feel reassured and ready. I’m going to just keep publishing on wordpress. Thanks for looking me up. I would have never met you otherwise.

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  2. I am late to comment on moon, hope and night. I don’t write as good as the authors commenting here but I guess I can say something. Hope can be inspired from anything. As the OP says , it is a curious thing. Hope can be inspired from within as well. When that happens, I find it the most powerful. Sometimes from poems as well. One of my favorites goes like this: “No matter how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. It seems that the poet is taken by the darkness of the night and the moon seems to be the lone source of light and the comparison is appealing. I wonder if she knows that the sun is always there. All she needs to do is look beyond the darkness. Great piece anyways!!

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    1. No. You aren’t late. Don’t worry. Thanks for expressing your views on hope. Yes, the poem ‘invictus’ is a powerful poem indeed.
      Sometimes, what you notice and acknowledge depends on how you feel inside. Therefore different things inspire me at different point of time. 🙂
      About the sun, yes indeed , I have written a poem on it as well , titled ‘The Sun Rose Again’. 😀


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