Girl In a New Town

But little did the spirited girl know,
What the cost of victory meant,

There was a girl in a new town,
Dreaming about happily without a frown,
But a spirited girl like she was,
Couldn’t have survived in the new town,

So she molded a little,
Observed a bit more,
Little by little she understood,
What the daily routines of the new town holds,

Determined as she was,
To succeed at any cost,
She gathered her wits,
And started the race where she thought she fits in,

But little did the new girl know,
The race wasn’t meant for her,
It had already started long ago,
When she was just a spirited girl,

She didn’t give in,
She didn’t bulge,
She wanted to fit in,
Didn’t care what it was really worth,

Before she realized it,
She lost a bit of herself,
Little results of progress showed,
But she was a long way from the shore,

She met new people,
She opened her heart,
She shared her worries,
And tried to set them apart,

But everyone wanted her to change,
Some into this and some into that,
She was left baffled,
She was in distress.

With all the new guidance,
And all the new hopes,
She thought she finally cracked it,
The famous success road on which she needed to go,

But little did the spirited girl know,
What the cost of victory meant,
She lost herself completely,
In an attempt to adjust to the new trend,

Now the not so new girl in town,
Knows how to find success,
But she is left clueless about,
What it means to be just herself.

New place, new worries , new discoveries.. just another phase of life.


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