Lost in an ocean with waves so high,
Gushing winds but no shore nearby,

Lost in the crowd
Too deep to be found,
Lost in my own dreams
Nothing but innocence and truth around

Lost into a world unknown
Changed for a new generation to roam,
Lost amongst an unfamiliar crowd
Where I am, is not where I belong

Lost in my own thoughts
Escaping the world at large,
Lost as to know what I really want
No desire left and no soothing sound

Lost in the woods with trees so tall
Can’t see the beauty of the sky so far off,
Lost in the forest so dense and dark
With no light to guard me through it all

Lost in an ocean with waves so high
Gushing winds but no shore nearby,
Lost in the water so strong and wild
My boat slowly sinking, no help passing by

Lost into a world only meant for believers
Dreaming of a change that is too tough for achievers,
Lost amongst my deep desires
Seemingly hopeless my aim for a fire

Lost in my mind thinking of old heart aches
Scared and closed shut my heart remains,
No one seems to have the key required
No Cinderella in a plain attire

I am lost with no one around to stay
Lost alone only thing left is to pray
No entertainment ever lasting till date
Smiles come rarely , I fake it away


‘Lost’ , was written when I entered my final year of college. With a new fresh, vibrant batch of first years, absence of my friendly seniors, with constant fear and confusion of ‘what next?’ to haunt me, with no backups, just dreams to guide me, college had suddenly become a new site for me.


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