A Walk In The Rain

The deep orange color of the sky sounds of thunder and lightning strikes. This is what I saw when I looked up towards the sky. The moon, playing hide and seek along with the clouds, birds returning back home and chirping throughout, wind trying to create music through wind chime’s sounds, this is what I took in when I looked around. My friend, scared of the lightning and thunder sounds, went inside and I was left out. I loved the weather and she hated it now, two complete opposite reactions to the same atmosphere around.

I didn’t feel like going inside. So I waved her good bye and walked besides the gardens. The first few droplets of water fell on my hand and face. I can’t express how happy I was when it started to rain. The smell of wet earth, the flow of the wind, the coolness of the air, the playfulness of the fallen leaves, the lush green grass, the dancing trees, the darkness of the sky, the sounds of footsteps running inside, the ever increasing volume of the sounds of thunder… Oh! How I felt rejuvenated! Ecstatic! Elated! Twirling and running all over the place… looking at the new puddles and wet grass, I felt a sense of mischief. I felt like a kid again. Somehow it washed away all my tiredness. Now dreaming of a cup of coffee with a novel in hand, sitting next to an open window, half in fantasies and half realities, I ran back to my room. I quickly changed into comfortable warm dry clothes, and went to my favorite spot near the big window with everything. I knew, I would peacefully sleep for long tonight.


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